Which Student are You?

 blog 30 x 30 – 11 June 2009

Which Student are You?

I know 10 years is not a long time, but by this time in my teaching career (at the Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia) I think I have had just about every type of student. Earlier this year to relieve my stress I started categorizingand sketching out each student type. Comic artist Daniel Clowes already touched on this categorization in his great comic, Art School Confidential. Plus, I want to give credit to Dave Valeza for his Draw Yourself as a Teen, make sure to check that out! (I apologize for not posting this sooner, I wasn’t entirely sure where it originated from- thanks to Charley from linesandcolors.com for the info). What I wound up with are these 21 types. Over time, I may discover that there are more types or new names for them (ie:goth is now something called emo). Originally I had excluded the average/good students because average/good is not very funny but with much pleading and begging I added it in.
Listen, I know some people will become fairly ticked off by this. Prior to making these public I ran them by a lot of my students and they seemed to think they were funny and fine to post. Please practice your sense of humor when looking at them.



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